A Team That "Helps You... and Them" Succeed in life and companies.

About Us

We combine a variety of tools, platforms and websites to help people and businesses.  Our mission: Help You... and Them.  Simple but targeted to "Help You" (individuals) "and Them" (businesses around the world)" achieve more success.

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Video Agency - Career Life Productions

A platform that provides businesses, small and large companies, with custom videos.  The videos can be used for spokespersons, video marketing, google ranking plus many more uses for social media.  And produced in Hollywood style, annimation, real people talking, flip ebooks created for companies and authors as well as many other high quality creative ideas.

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Americas Sports Store

A platform for sports fans with licensed apparel for college and pro teams and sports decor for home and offices.  The unique features of Americas Sports Store is it by STATE for easy navigation and customer satisfaction.

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My Tip Blogs

This site is a self help blog which focuses on helping people find solutions to challenges in their life and career.  It has blogs that feature on:

  • Health and Fitness
  • Career and Jobs
  • Senior and Older Adults
  • Dating and Relationships
  • Security and Safety

More areas of interest are "coming soon".

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