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Golfer casual apparel

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Includes: Sports, Military, First Responders, Inspirational and More. Click Here

Includes: Historical, Military, Sports, Abstract, and More. 
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Includes: A Career Devotional, Key Battles Against Workplace Stress, The 9 Signs of True Success, and More. COMING SOON




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Small Business OnLine Marketing Project Manager

SBOLM Project Manager is a team that can help local small business owners learn about the various ways to promote their businesses for leads and for sales.  We provide Project Management, so you don’t have to, leaving the owner more time to do what they do best… Which is their run their own business while we work behind the scenes for them.

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The Tom Jones Show

Nope NOT that Tom Jones.  This Tom Jones is a seminar leader, author, former national speaker and a really swell guy.  He and his friends love to help people learn how to overcome problems, and challenges they are facing in their work life and their personal life.

He’s not a professor, not a teacher, not a doctor or has any medical degree.  But wow, he knows his stuff.

After 20 years of helping people, his new website is and is coming soon

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He has the imagined wonderling brain of a digital artist that brings museum quality posters (suitable for framing), apparel graphics, and personal gear.  Those items produced for you in a variety of categories like the US Military, Abstract Art, Historical Events, Feeling Good Themed Art, sports, inspirational and many others.  He can also produce designs that are custom only to you, like ancestry art or any of the other categories.

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Local Studio Agency

We help small business owners to find ways to grow the brand and products with professional graphics, logo images, marketing videos, shorts and other ideas to find customers, hire people and tell stories about them.  We even have DFY videos that we can customize for you at a really affordable price

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Americas Sports Store

Find each week the best gear deals for your college or professional teams and players.  These are not knock-offs but the REAL DEAL.  Officially Authorized and approved items by the NFL, NCAA, MLB, PGA, NHL, NBA and more.

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The Beta Labster

Our Lab provides the REAL review of the best Internet Marketing tools by the best developers on the planet.  Really?  YES.  Because we not only review them, we buy them.  That way we can do a real honest appraisal of their performance, without be bias because they gave us the software.  And we use them in our own business as well to evaluate the system as well and measure the support they provide.  

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Career Life Publishing

Career Life Publishing publishes books written by Tom TJ Jones as well as other authors books to help you live a better life.

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Humdinger News

Humdinger News is about unusual, sometimes weird, and usually funny with and stories from our own reporters, that you will not see on regular TV new programs.

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Web Property Enterprises

Need a website domain name?  Need someone to host it for you?  Need help in finding a domain name?  Or do you want a website already setup for you?  

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