An Important Piece, Historical and Sad about 911 and our life.

911 Tribute - The Day Our Clocks Stopped

Never Forget

As a tribute to September 11, 2001, TheTommieJ designed this wall decor for home or business to display so we never forget. It includes the timetable of the attacks and a tribute to those we lost, those who have scars, families who still mourn on that day, and a pictorial symbol of something we should NEVER FORGET. 

That day was: THE DAY OUR CLOCKS STOPPED. l had a replica of an old Kensington round wall clock that I bought from a popular store.  It was broken as far as the timepiece part, but I only wanted it for a wall hanging in my apartment.   It was just stuck at the same time every day.  7:45 AM, Central Time.

So every day I’d look at it and of course, the hands on the clock no longer kept time.    One day, I said to myself, that’s what happened on September 11, 2001 to millions of Americans.  That day, we lost track of time.  

Many of us thought surely this was a movie preview we were watching on the TV news channels.  And their clocks stopped too.  It’s really a metaphor about how time stops when something tragic happens.   

And tragic it was.

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I created this piece to provide something people could keep in their kitchen (or any room), that they would see daily.  In our fast-paced world, if we don’t have something to remind us, then it’s easy to forget.  But we should never forget 911.